About McKellar Ridge

McKellar Ridge is a 5-star boutique winery producing award-winning handcrafted wines. Carefully nurtured from grape to glass, our wines exhibit the unique characteristics of the Canberra cool-climate region:

fresh fruit flavours, distinctive spiciness, crisp acidity.

McKellar Ridge Wines is owned and operated by John and Marina Sekoranja.  The winery was established in 2005 by Brian and Janet Johnston and quickly became highly regarded in the Canberra region.  Brian continues to provide expert assistance as winemaking consultant during vintage.  McKellar Ridge was rated as a 5-Star winery by James Halliday in August 2017.

John & Marina

John and Marina have always shared a passion for wine.  However, it was while visiting relatives in Slovenia that John had a life-changing epiphany.  While admiring the family vineyard, John’s father lamented how he was forced to abandon the business due to the outbreak of World War II.

At that moment John realised his destiny:
 to re-establish the family tradition of wine production.

In 2016 John and Marina embarked on turning the dream into reality. On the day John retired from corporate life, the couple coincidentally met the founders of McKellar Ridge, Brian and Janet Johnston, marking the start of a significant friendship.  Before long Marina stepped back from her own profession as a nutrition and dietetic clinician so the pair could assist in making the 2017 vintage.  John and Marina bought the business in June 2017, and they are dedicated to elevating the award-winning winery to ever greater heights.